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Valeriy Simonenko

Valeriy Simonenko has been an athlete all his life. Born and raised in Russia, he started Acrobatics at the age of ten. As his skills and strength developed, he joined a professional Russian team in Acrobatics. In 1997, he achieved his top goal and won his first World Championship in Manchester, England. In 1998, once again, he proved to be the best in Acrobatics by taking first place in the World Championship that took place in Minsk, Belarus. Valeriy is one of the few top athletes that received the highest level in their athlete endeavor by becoming recognized as an Honored Master of Sport by National Olympic Committee.


In 1999, he joined the Cirque du Soleil family. Since then, he has worked in numerous shows. He was very privileged to have had exceptional trainers, from whom he gained knowledge along the way.


Valeriy Simonenko holds a personal training certificate from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). He is also a Physique & Figure Training Specialist, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, and holds a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

As a fitness and sport expert, he is willing and able to help people reach their fitness goals. His quest is to share his knowledge and experience to educate people in the importance of balanced and mindful living, a healthy diet, and the value of daily exercise.

Katie Young

Katie started swimming at the age of 2. She grew  up playing sports and being active. After going off to college and Katie got a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Hotel Administration and started putting on some weight. Katie has struggled with her weight. In 2008, Katie decided she wanted to become a personal trainer to teach and help others overcome their obstacles.  She has become the mother of two children since then and worked out the entire time with both pregnancies. Katie can relate to being overweight, out of shape, pregnant, having a c-section and getting back into shape.

Never being a runner, she decided to respond to her sister's challenge to run a ½ marathon. With only 8 weeks before the marathon, Katie trained for it, and in 2011 accomplished her first ½ marathon. Katie has helped train competitors for competitions, and hopes to one day compete in one herself.

Katie is an average woman who enjoys helping others get fit. She believes in moderation and enjoying life, while staying fit.
She lives by her motto , “Progress, not Perfection”.

•       Certified Personal Trainer AFAA
•       Certified Personal Trainer Dot Fit
•       Certified CPR/AED

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