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Private Training
Semi-Private Training

Private Training is individualized, personal training to achieve your unique fitness and nutrition goals.

Whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, lose fat, increase or tone your muscles, or improve your eating habits, we can put together an effective personal training and nutrition program to fit your needs.

In an initial meeting, you and your trainer will discuss short & long term goals, past fitness activities, any past injuries or limitations, and any hurdles you've encountered that have kept you from reaching your goals in the past. Your trainer will evaluate your abilities and design a workout and nutrition program to get you to your goals. 

We implement various fitness tools - weight machines, free weights, TRX, exercise balls, cardio machines, and your own body weight.  We change up your workouts on a regular basis to make sure your body doesn't adapt and you keep getting the most benefit our of you sessions.

Semi-Private Training is individualized personal coaching in a small group environment*.  It allows people to enjoy the camaraderie of others while still receiving personalized coaching. Research shows that social support not only motivates members during their workouts, but also creates accountability.


Our Semi-Private Training sessions are designed and implemented by one of our personal trainers, who will see that you do all exercises correctly and that you are pushed to your limits. Our Trainers can change the intensity of the workout based on the group's fitness level.

Each session incorporates resistance training, cardiovascular training, core and flexibility work. You will go from one station to the next - the stations may be a weight machine, free weights, a Bosu Ball, a stairstepper, or just a mat and your own body weight. We are constantly changing it up to make sure your body doesn’t adapt and you keep getting the most benefit out of your workouts. 


Sessions are designed to work all parts of your body to improve over-all physical conditioning in a time efficient, affordable manner. 

*Groups are limited to 6 people maximum.

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